How to place parking reservation lock professionally?


How to adjust parking reservation lock?

To adjust, parking reservation lock the first step is to find the parking lock, as its location changes according to the car model. Always with the information from the vehicle owner’s manual at hand, unplug the lock and connect its wires together. What are the best parking locks on the market?

parking reservation lock

Top parking reservation lock

Check out the best parking locks from below and go for the one that suits you the most.

  1. Firstly, Zappos Parking Assistant
  2. Secondly, these are locks that transmit data to the screen in the cabin.
  3. Scavone Supervision
  4. Locks with graphics that show distance to the obstacle.
  5. Additionally, the Foston camera
  6. Also, the camera is mounted on the rear bumper with projected images.
  7. Aft Dalgas Lock
  8. Moreover, locks with the colors of the car’s body.
  9. For the best parking cameras, see the parking reservation lock cameras on the market:

>Prime-Line 2-in-1 reverse camera

>It’s universal. It can be fixed to the bumper or the plate.

  1. TechOne Turtle Camera; parking reservation lock
  2. Connected to the input of players, multimedia systems, or DVD players.
  3. Multilaser rear camera AU012
  4. It can be installed in various players such as car stereos.
  5. KX3 Infrared Rear Camera
  6. The infrared function produces color images and has night vision.
  7. KX3 kit with camera
  8. Kit with a rearview camera and a rearview camera with an LCD screen.

 How do changes in electrical components affect the car?

Understanding how to install a parking lock can be a big difference nowadays. When electrical components don’t work well, you can experience several important changes in the car. With a parking reservation lock, this is no different: if it doesn’t work well, you could even end up bumping into a car that is in a nearby parking space.

An overview of parking reservation lock

However, one of the essential actions for you not to have problems with the parking lock and other components is to always have a quality car battery. Only this part will guarantee the proper functioning of all the electrical parts of your vehicle.

Those people who just think about parking are apprehensive and run around for hours until they find a very spacious parking space, technology has given them a little help. Now, for those people who think they don’t have the need to use the parking lock, because they think good drivers don’t need to adhere to parking reservation lock.

How, is reservation lock a need of hour currently?

parking reservation lock 2021

 Nowadays it is amazing how this kind of prejudice still exists on the part of drivers, some are outraged when the parking lock option is offered, especially among men. The prejudice is great, as they think that good drivers do not need to use this type of system.

The parking lock is essential, allowing you to park your car perfectly, without risking compromising the doors, bumper, or other parts of the car. For some time, this technology was only available to more expensive and luxury cars. And today, you buy a parking lock for R$ 64.60 from 4 locks.

 How does parking reservation lock work?

  1. Firstly, the system works like a radar
  2. Secondly, it transmits ultrasound waves that detect the obstacle in its area of ​​operation.
  3. Lastly, when the parking reservation lockis activated, it measures the car’s distance to an obstacle.

 Advantages of parking reservation lock

Following are the cases where the parking lock helps:

 —Firstly, moment, when you are leaving garage of your house and your child’s pet, passes behind car

– Secondly, it may happen that your own child passes behind the car or a child

– Moreover, when the building’s parking space is tiny

– Lastly, in a parking lot, you are surprised by a low wall or pole that “springs” out of nowhere

This is what the parking lock is for, it is essential in these and other everyday situations. When we are distracted by a conversation, with music, worrying about the bills, or feeling tired and sleepy, well, there are several situations that we must be aware of.

Installation and types of parking reservation lock

We advise you to look for specialized workshops that have competent professionals. And of course, choose the best parking reservation lock. There is the simplest one, which comes with 2 locks, they emit audible warnings and increase the sound as they get closer to the obstacle.

 In this mode, the driver receives several audible warnings and follows what happens behind the vehicle with the help of the camera. There are parking locks with 8 locks; this device contains 4 locks which are installed on the front bumper. And the other 4 locks are for the rear bumper.

Would it be better if the car park itself?

Currently, parking reservation lock technology already exists, the car takes control of the steering, it doesn’t even need to try to park. But this type of system is for people who have greater purchasing power. But that’s a subject for another topic.

Role of parking reservation lock in the car parking

Parking a car in a parking space on the street certainly ranks among the most complicated driving experiences, something the driver discovers right away during driving lessons. The parking sensor, therefore, is an excellent aid provided by technology to dodge this difficult task.

 The good news is that it doesn’t just equip high-end vehicles or the most luxurious models. Even the entry cars today already have this equipment at least as an optional item, and the sensor can even be installed in the car you have in your garage. Want to know more about parking reservation lock? Read this article completely.

Types and working of parking reservation lock

There are two types of parking sensors: ultrasound and electromagnetic. The first works like an airplane’s radar, through sensors that emit signals that are inaudible to the human ear and that, when they notice an object on the way, cause the vehicle’s system to alert the driver, who is easily audible.


The electromagnetic sensor, on the other hand, is more used in vehicles such as SUVs and pick-ups, and in its installation, the bumper comes out for the placement of the magnetic tape. In place of the audible signal, the parking reservation lock emits electromagnetic signals on any objects close to the vehicle, which are transformed into an audible alert for the driver.

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