Where to buy parking space locking device in 2021?


Overview of parking space locking device!

Today there are accessible features for all vehicles, whether newer or older, that promises to make parking easier. Moreover, we use parking space locking device now.

Are you curious to know more about this automotive accessory? Read this article to the end and see how a parking locker works.

parking space locking device

Operation of parking space device

The kit of parking space locking device has ultrasonic sensors, digital control box and panel display. Sensors are installed on the rear bumper. When shifting into reverse, the “beep” audible signal indicates that they are active. From there, the system is able to detect the distance between the car and the obstacle.

The display issues progressive audible and visual alerts that increase as the car approaches the maximum safety limit. In addition, parking lockers ensure much more comfort and safety for the driver. They help to reduce the risk of a collision during a parking maneuver.

How to set parking space locker easily?


Now that you know how a parking space locking device works, you need to pay attention to its installation. The system can only be installed on cars that have a plastic or fiber bumper, which is common in current models. Furthermore, the same goes for the electrical voltage, which must be 12V, also standard for modern cars.

The application is simple, but it is always recommended to do the service with a qualified technical professional. After signaling the bumper as indicated in the product manual, holes are made, and the sensors are fixed. Also, the wiring is then routed to the front of the car through the side of the body and under the carpet.

Sensor and display cables; parking space locking device

The sensor and display cables (parking space locking device) are connected to the main box, which must be attached to the side of the trunk. After connection, the reverse light harness sensor wiring must be connected to the taillight.

It should be fixed to the center panel in an easy-to-view position. Now you know how a parking locker works and how it’s installed!

Parking locker kits composition:

For those looking for even greater security, there are parking locker kits with a reverse camera. In this case, the installation is pretty much the same. What’s different about this kit is:

  1. Firstly, additional camera wire, which attaches from inside the ceiling trim
  2. Secondly, new internal mirror, which projects the image
  3. Moreover, camera for installation in the trunk lid;parking space locking device
  4. Also, it provides basic care
  5. Periodically clean the surface using a clean cloth dampened with water to remove dust or mud
  6. Never paint the surface of the sensors as this impairs the sensitivity of the device.

Where to buy parking space locking device?

In addition to showing how a parking locker works and how it is installed, we also have recommendations regarding purchase. Parking the car is not an easy task for everyone, even people with years of driving can be scared at the time of the goal.

 That’s why having and understanding the parking locker can help a lot. In this article we will show tips on how to use this technology to help you and why a quality one is essential for the functioning of the parking locker.

What is the Parking locker?

The parking locker is recommended mainly for people who need to feel more secure at the time of the beacon. Previously it was a common accessory only in imported cars, but today they are more popular and present in many cars.

How does parking locker kits works

Now of the beacon, parking space locking device measures the car’s distance to obstacles, such as another car, the wall or the sidewalk and alerts the proximity with beep sounds, getting faster as it approaches the obstacle.

Steps of parking locker kits installation

-Ideally, accessory installations should be carried out by specialized professionals to ensure safety

-Use an adhesive tape to measure the bumper, ideally the sensors are fixed with a space 40 cm

-Drill holes in the bumper, but be careful, when picking up, cover the control unit

-Moreover, fix the sensor points in order, which are already numbered 1 to 4

-Lastly, for better viewing and more convenience, place the display on the car’s internal rearview mirror

How to install automotive parking locker?

See how to install automotive parking space locking device:

1-Use tape to measure the bumper.

Measuring the bumper with adhesive tape will help you install the car parking locker. Ideally, the sensors should be fixed with a space of no more than 40 cm between one point and another.

2-Drill holes in the bumper

With the hole saw drill holes in the bumper. If your car’s bumper is made of iron, it is recommended to spray water to prevent wear on the cup saw.

3-Be careful with the size of the holes

Don’t put too much pressure on the sensor points: they can give false alarms and start emitting audible alerts mistakenly. If installing the parking space locking device in a pickup, cover the control panel in a plastic bag to prevent it from meeting water and causing signal interference.
parking space locking device 2021

4-Fix the sensor points, parking locker kits

Attach the sensor points, which are already numbered from 1 to 4. Install them in this sequence and follow the reference from the driver’s side to the passenger’s side, that is, from left to right. Turn on the power to the parking locker at the control panel, following the same priority order from 1 to 4

5-Place the display on the car’s internal rearview mirror

Also, remember that the red wine is the positive for reverse and the black wire is the negative (ground). For better viewing and more convenience, place the display on the car’s internal rearview mirror.

Important reminder for parking space locking device installation

 it is always advised that the installation of automotive accessories is carried out by a specialized professional, so that the procedure is carried out properly and safely.

But if you feel safe to install parking space locking device or want to understand how the process works, we’ve brought you the step-by-step instructions.

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