4 Types of Most Popular Parking Spot Sensors in 2021


Parking Spot Sensors
Parking spot sensors
 helps to safely park the car based on the operation of distance sensors. Obstacles near the car are poorly visible from the driver’s seat or with the help of rear-view mirrors; there is a high probability of “not fitting in”, damaging your own or someone else’s car. Our company offers a wide selection of modern parking devices.

What are the parking spot sensors?

There are many devices produced, they are all very different, there is no strict classification, but there are a number of fundamental differences. They consist in the location of the parking spot sensors , their shape, number and a communication channel for data transmission. Depending on the location, there are:

  • rear parking sensors-the simplest and most popular option,
  • the sensors come on the bumper and are activated when the reverse gear engages;
  • front-the front bumper is involved to turn on when low speed values ​​​​reach;
  • Combined-a full set of sensors at the back and front there are options with multiple screens.

According to the configuration and filling, they are:

  • standard options -1-8 point sensors with separate data loops for front and back;
  • tape -oblong sensors throughout the bumper, if properly installed, the system has no blind spots;
  • wireless -easy installation without the hassle of wiring;
  • With a camera -the most expensive option, the camera comes in places that are problematic for viewing at the request of the owner.

Tips for choosing parking spot sensors

A detection range over one and a half meters can lead to incorrect operation-the parking spot sensors  “clings to the ground”. Another important parameter is performance, sometimes you need to park at high values ​​​​of the reverse speed. A self- diagnostic mode is also required-so that the system checks itself before turning on. 

The parking radar display should not be overloaded with information, parking from parking spot sensors  takes longer. It is better to choose models with a sound alert-practice shows that displays and light signals are not so effective; the driver hears the sound regardless of the direction of the gaze.

Who common rear parking sensor?

Rear parking sensors usually famous among people who have quite a lot of experience in driving a vehicle, who buy the device solely for safety reasons, for example, in order not to run into an obstacle in the dark, backing it back. If you are a beginner and not very confident in driving, then pay attention to the models with the maximum number of sensors located both on the front and on the back of the car.

 In this case, you will be fully insured and no obstacles will be a hindrance. Pay attention to the installation method of parking spot sensors . If you are willing to overpay in order to speed up and facilitate the connection of equipment, then your choice is wireless models.

Installation of parking sensors

The number of cars is actively growing, which cannot be said about the number of parking lots. As a result, drivers have to park their cars more densely, which leads to an increase in the number of unpleasant situations. The installation of parking sensors will help to eliminate a decent part of incidents on the road. It is enough to contact our company to find a suitable sensor and quickly install it.

Parking sensor capabilities
Parking spot sensors  provide great assistant for driving in urban environments. The courtyards of high-rise buildings have long ceased to accommodate the cars of all residents, so it is difficult not only to find a place, but also to turn around to put a car. Different radar models differ in functionality, appearance, but have a common operating principle. 

Sensors built into the bumper indicate the distance to the nearest obstacle. When an obstacle or object is very close, the device emits a sharp sound, forcing the driver to stop. 

The advantages of using parking spot sensors are difficult to overestimate:


  • parking sensor can be common on any car, regardless of body type;
  • the cost of the device depends on the manufacturer, the number of sensors,
  • So it is easy to choose equipment for any budget;
  • The radar itself is unpretentious in operation, does not require professional maintenance. 

How we should purchase parking spot sensors?

When deciding to purchase a parking spot sensors  you should contact a professional. The wizards will help you choose the optimal model, install the radar in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and configure the device so that it is convenient for the driver to use it.  Installing the front parking spot sensors
Parking Spot Sensors 2021

According to the type of mounting of sensors, there are cut-in or overhead devices. In the first option, you will need to drill a bumper for attaching the sensors, in the second; a metallized tape is glued around the perimeter of the license plate. In both cases, the wires connecting the sensors to the control unit must connect to the bumper. 

What is the cost of installation of parking spot sensors?

When buying parking equipment, many car owners take interest in the professional installation of  parking spot sensors , price, and speed of service provision. The cost of work depends on the number of sensors that needs installation, the complexity of the device itself. 

At the end, the master, together with the driver, conduct a test drive; carry out the final setting of the equipment. Upon completion of the work, documents are written out, a guarantee is issued. 

Installation of rear parking sensors

The location of the parking spot sensors  does not affect the price of services. However, in the presence of a front parking sensor, the work is greatly simplified; the installation of additional equipment will be cheaper. At the end of the installation, the sensors will tint in accordance with the shade of the bumper. 

So they will be almost invisible, and the car that has received additional functionality will retain its original attractiveness. Our company shall provide you the best spot sensors.

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