What is a paring locker: How to install it?


How to use parking locker?

Parking locker

Installed parking locker  on cars is not uncommon, even in the factory configuration, especially for high-end cars. True, the presence of parking lockers and the ability to use them do not always come at the same time. We will tell you about what you can face when using parking lockers.

What to buy parking locker?

To make the parking assistant convenient to use, first of all, it is worth buying a parking locker with at least three lockers on the rear bumper-this provides a full rear view. Two lockers in the front are quite enough, many do without them altogether. You also need to take into account the design of the car-for example, the presence of a towbar or a spare wheel on the rear door.

As for the method of displaying information, then from cash on sale you can buy a parking locker  with the following conclusions:

  • Sound signal;
  • Video signal;
  • Schematic display.

Parking locker as parking assistants

A very useful feature that many parking locker  has is selective activation. This means that the front lockers are only activated when the brake is applied, and the rear ones when reverse gear is engaged. This will free you from information overload, and will not distract the driver’s attention once again.

Parking lockers are also not able to track pits, low curbs and sewer wells without the presence of rear-view cameras. Bad weather in the form of heavy rain, snow, as well as the presence of dirt and moisture on the lockers can distort the readings and complicate their operation. Therefore, it is worth remembering that these are only assistants, and not the main tool in the parking lot.

How to set up rearview parking lockers?

As a rule, in the factory variation, the rear-view parking locker  configures so as to react to an obstacle already at a distance of 1 meter with short signals. And when approaching 20-30 cm, the signal already moves continuously. In a city ​​with a very dense car setting, this can be a problem. To adjust and somewhat reduce the range of the lockers; their sensitive elements need to be smart.

Signal of rear view

As a rule, for a driver with minimal experience of driving around the city, an obstacle signal at a distance of half a meter is quite enough. Practice parking on the site if possible, and then you will learn to recognize the signals of the rear -view parking locker  clearly and clearly. Installation and use instructions are attached to any parking lockers, and a little practice will help you quickly master it.

What is parking locker?

Parking locker comes with special parking radar design to alert the driver when the car is approaching various obstacles, for example:

  • Poles
  • Curbs
  • Fences
  • other vehicles, etc.

 Installing parking sensors on a car can significantly reduce the likelihood of various unpleasant situations on the road. This is especially important for cars with poor rear visibility.

The Pandora Company specializes in the sale of car electronics from well-known manufacturers. Here you can not only purchase parking radar, but also order a professional installation of parking sensor at the best price in the region.

Choosing responsible drivers

The standard sensor model consists of:

  • Control unit
  • A set of sensors attached to the car bumper
  • Warning systems (beeper)

Such a device is not an obligatory element of a car’s equipment, however, responsible drivers, who put driving safety first, do not neglect this device. It allows you to avoid damage to cars due to collisions with subtle objects, which is not uncommon when parking in urban environments. Special sensors warn in advance about the presence of obstacles in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.

How we can buy parking locker?


Our online store offers a wide selection of parking locker  of varying degrees of difficulty and price category. With us, you can choose both a budget model with a minimum set of sensors, and a more modern one, equipped with a video camera, voice notification and a special display that reflects the situation on the road.

Installation of parking sensor

There is an opinion that since parking sensors are considered a fairly simple device, anyone can install it. However, it should be borne in mind that incorrect connection of sensors can lead to various failures and incorrect operation of the device, which negatively affects driving safety . When planning to purchase a high-quality parking sensor, you should not skimp on its installation.
Parking locker 2021

Such electric and hybrid cars need parking locker , a security and service system even more than ordinary ones. The topic of theft, of course, has not been canceled-almost any “electric train” because the cost of specific spare parts, such as a high-voltage traction battery, inverters, charging modules, etc., can exceed the cost of a supported car in collection.

Why some companies are reluctant?

An interesting situation has developed with such cars: due to the design features, many companies and craftsmen are reluctant to take them into work. This is understandable-there is no great experience of working with them, and the installation of a security system can completely consist of features.

 The electronics are completely different, not like on ordinary cars, and the price and the probability of error are very high. And, of course, it is very important that the parking locker  common for the installation works correctly and takes into account the peculiarities of the vehicles. But the security and service system for an electric vehicle has a number of specific differences from car lockers for conventional cars.

Why car owners don’t like car locker?

The owner of an electric vehicle will find it inconvenient to use the usual interfaces of car locker applications, there is a lot of superfluous and a lot of necessary information is lacking. The specificity of operating an electric vehicle and a plug-in hybrid PHEV requires different interface accents to be user-friendly.

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