Why Most smart car charging station successful?


Supply for Electric Vehicle Fleet

Smart car charging station will become much more dynamic with the increase in the circulation of electric cars. Fuel economy is one of the great advantages of electric or hybrid cars compared to a traditional combustion car.

smart car charging station

Because of this, electric and hybrid vehicles can generate huge savings for car fleets of all types. It includes urban transport (such as public bus fleets), taxi companies or any product carrier and logistics company.

In addition to polluting the environment less, companies that choose to rely on fleets of electric or hybrid cars will have great economic gains. Similarly, it comes at a lower price with fuel. In addition, they will be more adapted to another automotive sector:

Smart car charging station imminent trend in the automotive sector

 The uses of autonomous cars, which are already being developed with electric motors and will have the ability not only to drive without drivers, but also to self-fuel at recharging points along the way.

To gain speed in supplies and efficiency, it is important that fleet owners seek robust chargers for electric vehicles. This happens quickly and with the Smart function (access control) to monitor the fleet’s charge level.

We should have fewer and fewer pumps to charge combustion cars and find more Smart car charging station for electric vehicles. It includes all types, including cars, motorcycles, trucks and even scooters, among others.

Electric Car Free Market

​​ There is no doubt that the supply of automobiles will become much more dynamic with the increase in the circulation of electric cars. Similarly, it includes the tendency for domestic/residential supply to predominate. However, it is evident that there will be no Smart car charging station as we have today, on the side of roads or public roads in cities.

Even though most electric vehicle owners have chargers at home or travel with portable chargers, gas stations will continue to exist. The big difference is that more and more of them will be electric stations   that are.

Electric Vehicle Charger at a Gas Station

To meet the growing demand for charging electric vehicles, Smart car charging station must have robust fixed chargers. This offers high power and an ultra-fast charging speed. We are also focusing the so-call Fast Charger chargers. These are capable of recharging in a few minutes. There is necessary access control to charge for the energy of each load.

At the Smart car charging station, we can either have employees charge customers’ cars or allow the driver to charge them himself. Below we will explain how simple it is to charge an electric car.

​Portable charger for electric vehicle

In addition to cost-effectiveness and several other advantages, electric cars offer a convenience that cannot use by drivers of combustion vehicles:

 The possibility of carrying a charger is a practical and safe way to refuel the vehicle whenever necessary. It is not recommended that you drive around with a gallon of gas stored in your car. Just think of the high risk of accidents that would represent, In the case of electric vehicles.

 However, it is possible to have the “fuel” always within reach, in the form of lightweight, easy-to-carry portable chargers.

Charging at an electric vehicle Smart car charging station

The market already has several portable chargers that can be taken in the car’s glove compartment and use in an emergency. With them, you can conveniently charge the battery when there is no other source available nearby.


It is worth remembering that electric cars usually come with an emergency charger. It allows the car to charge at common 10 A outlets. However, the driver can count on greater power if he chooses to buy a portable charger. It can usually up to 22 kW of power.

Smart car portable charger

It’s more or less like we do with a cell phone. We can always carrying a charger in a bag or backpack so that they don’t run out. With electric vehicles it is possible to do the same thing, although obviously a portable charger is less robust. Moreover, it has less power than models intended for other purposes.

This makes portable equipment loads lower and less speedy, but overall, they perfectly fulfill the role of keeping the car fueled in an emergency.


Charging an electric car is very simple and the idea is the same as at a Smart car charging station: there is a cable that has two ends, one connected to the car and the other connected to the charger, as in the image below.
smart car charging station 2022

The different types of chargers for electric cars can use in different ways (for example: fixed to the wall or as charging totems). In general, their use will be similar, with charging done by a connector cable between the charger and the automobile.

By simple logic, charging can carries out either by an employee of an electric station or by the drivers themselves without major complications. See, below, the profile of the locations that already have Smart car charging station and how the service has been offered.


This question is not easy to answer, after all, charging an EV depends on several factors. These are the type, size and capacity of the vehicle’s battery. It comes to the power and resources available in the charger. This may have lower powers and be slower or ultra-fast charging.

As an estimate, we can say that a typical electric car (60 kWh battery), connected to  a 7 kW charging point,  takes less than 8 hours to charge at Smart car charging station from empty to full. Drivers do not wait for the battery to run out completely to recharge their electric vehicle.

Speaking of mileage, considering the average of current electric car batteries, it is also possible to say that we can supply up to 180 kilometers of range in about 35 minutes with a 50 kW fast charger.

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