What is the function of vehicle charging point?



Any vehicle charging point that makes it possible to recharge the battery of an electric vehicle is a charging station, including residential charging points. When user scan refuel the car inside own home or in the condominium garage in addition to others.

vehicle charging point

Types of private stations are (such as exclusive chargers for employees of a particular company) and the various public charging options (which may or may not charge, either at electric stations or installation of chargers in commercial parking lots, for example).

There is also the practicality of portable chargers, which allow the driver of an electric or hybrid car to refuel anywhere when the need arises. Below, we will explain everything about the different types of vehicle charging point.


There are several ways to charge electric and plug-in hybrid cars. If you don’t know the differences between these two types of cars, click here vehicle charging point

Below, we will introduce the main types of chargers for electric vehicles:

Emergency Charger: These are chargers that usually come with the electric car and can even be plugged into common outlets. Although they are practical, they usually have a current of only 8 amps (8A).

 It makes charging slow and, depending on the size of the electric vehicle battery, charging may take several days. Because of these limitations, it is not advisable for this charger to be of continuous use — as the name implies, it must use in emergencies.

Portable Charger Standard Mini Wallbox Charger

These vehicle charging point prepare to use in fixed installations, such as walls or totems. In general, they are more robust and durable than portable models and may have some more advanced technologies.

Although they do not have a Smart function (connection of the charger to the internet. which allows control and monitoring), some models have features such as a security key to prevent unauthorized people from using them.

Types of Chargers for Electric Vehicles

Vehicle charging point (with Smart function): like the Standard chargers, these models have the advantage of being fixed and are ideal for collective use.

Because they have a Smart function, they are able to communicate with platforms through the OCPP protocol and provide a differentiated charging experience. With several extra features such as user control, energy management, charger reservation and availability status, for example.

Fast Charge Charger / Electric Station

They are AC current chargers in 43KW or DC that range from 50 to an incredible 350KW. These models recommend for users who need ultra-fast charging and are more common at gas stations on the roads or places where the owner needs very fast charging.

Here we present only a summary. If you want to know everything about the different types of vehicle charging point for electric vehicles, click here.

Each of these charger models best suited for a particular application, which we will explain further below.


Each electric vehicle charger application has advantages and disadvantages and requires a specific type of equipment. If you still don’t know the different types of chargers available on the market, read more here.

Check below the different types of charging stations for electric cars and which charger models are the most suitable for each one:

Many people have the opinion that fast vehicle charging point for electric cars can reduce the life of battery quality. As well as the operating range of the car, read the article below to better understand this issue.

Before studying the impact of fast charging electric car batteries, users should learn the characteristics of this type of charging. In electric vehicle charging posts, we often see charging ports from DC and AC power sources with charging speeds of 60kW even up to 250kW.

VinFast electric car charging station

First, vehicle charging point has become a necessity due to advances made in EV range and battery size .It allow electric vehicles to travel an average of 211 to 336km per charge.

The faster the charging speeds, the faster the charging time. Therefore, it is understandable why the deployment of fast, super-fast charging stations is being accelerated and developed.

In Vietnam, the electric vehicle charging system is being completed with 40,000 charging ports and will come into operation this year. The charging posts include normal charger AC 11kW, fast charger DC 30kW; DC 60kW and super-fast charging DC 250kW.

Fast vehicle charging point are mainly built in public places such as daytime parking lots, commercial centers, and highway rest stops or in large urban areas.

Fast charging, the cause of battery aging

It is a fact that electric vehicle batteries have a rather limited lifespan. However, battery manufacturers have increasingly developed and offered long-lasting batteries. It can withstand multiple quick charges and increase performance for electric cars.

vehicle charging poin 2022

Manufacturers recommend that super-fast vehicle charging point should only use in emergencies or when there is too little time to charge the car. (Photo: izi)

According to a study from the Idaho National Laboratory (USA) reports that there are many factors, that affect the autonomy of electric vehicle batteries including size, temperature, lifespan or charge/discharge cycles, of the battery.

Are fast charging effects on batteries life?

Fast charging of electric cars helps to reduce the charge / discharge cycle of the battery over the same distance. Therefore, vehicle charging point will not reduce the life of the battery or the operating range of the electric car; on the contrary. It will make the battery of the electric vehicle more durable.

However, it is completely natural for the battery to gradually degrade, losing about 2% of its capacity every year. Along with that, the distance traveled by electric cars will also decrease over time.

Super-fast charging of electric car batteries, but don’t overdo it

Current electric car vehicle charging point is often divided into 3 levels including: slow charging, fast charging and super-fast charging. When using the super-fast charging port with high frequency, it can damage the battery of electric cars 10% faster than slow charging.

At the same time, to ensure safety and battery life of electric vehicles, the charging posts will automatically activate the battery warming feature before charging to its full capacity. and will automatically reduce the capacity if the battery starts to overheat, Or when the battery reaches about 80% power.

This is one of the best tips to preserve your electric car’s range in the long run and increase battery life.

Concluding that, public or home fast vehicle charging point does not damage electric car batteries if you do not overdo it.

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