How to use cloud technology in remote control parking lock?


What are the advantages of using cloud technology in your parking lot?

remote control parking lock

Cloud technology is changing the management of remote control parking lock  businesses like parking, valet and car wash for the better. Check out why this technology is here to stay!

What is cloud remote control parking technology?

Simply put, cloud technology is when you outsource servers remotely and access them over the internet. For example with the Jump Park system, instead of taking care of servers, which consumes labor and energy, she uses Azure (Microsoft) services.

With our technological knowledge, we store information and system processes in this super safe and reliable environment. Thus, we guarantee stability, security and that our focus is on functionality development, rather than server maintenance.

From this brief introduction, we’ve listed some business-specific benefits like remote control parking lock

Information storage for remote control parking lock

Cloud technology allows all information save securely on your administrative website which is easy to access from any device be it computer, Smartphone or from the application itself. You don’t need to manually record all input and output and billing in Excel or another financial system . In addition to allowing quick viewing of old or specific information using the filter

Data security

In case the device misplaces, during operation, just log in from another device and continue working. This is because the information comes on servers remotely (cloud) and not only on the device.

Allowing you to access from another remote control parking lock  without interrupting the operation and without losing information

Remote control parking lock system

Have you thought about auditing the yard from a distance? Many of our customers install the cameras and are able to view the yard and check the number of vehicles with the system.

For example, if you look through the camera and see 10 cars, but the system says that they only have 8 cars, this means that there is something wrong with the operation.

Instant report generation

Taking advantage of the hook from the previous item, the system with cloud technology allows you to visualize the patio information in real time.

remote control parking lock 2021

 This agility allows you to report in detail all billing and current day operations at any time, including at the end of the operation.

Lower remote control parking lock infrastructure cost

With the transmission of information over the internet, it is possible for data to circulate without cabling. This means that you can build a complex structure without having to do a job, just with internet on the devices.

An example is a vehicle entry and exit at different places. If you have internet, you an access remote control parking lock  system.

How remote control parking lock work?


There are several types of parking assistants, but the principle of their operation is the same. A signal goes by a special device, which reflects from the obstacle and returns to the sensor. The signal speed is known. The distance to the obstacle is determined by the return time and speed. Sonars or echo sounders work in a similar way.

The device turns on when the movement starts and in various ways informs the owner about how far away the obstacle is. Simple models start beeping, and the closer the obstacle, the stronger and louder the signal. 

More sophisticated devices not only notify with sound, but also show the calculated distance on the display: with special characters or numbers in meters.

Parking system with a video camera

A parking system with a video camera provides complete information about the situation. It combines sound alerts with images. In this case, the screen is placed on the front panel or on the mirror. On it you can see not only the numbers, but also the obstacle itself.

Types of remote control parking lock

We classify all remote control parking locks  according to several criteria.

  1. By configuration

Standard  -consist of an electronic unit, a warning system and sensors. There can be from two to eight. The sensors connect to the unit with wires that will have to be laid through the entire car. It is a simple and reliable system, but installation will be time consuming.

Wireless  -the principle is the same, but there are no wires. All information comes by a radio signal, but interference is harmful to this, and there are a lot of them in the city. But such a system is easier to install. 

Tape  or electromagnetic-instead of sensors, a metallized tape is common. At the same time, there is no need to drill the machine under the sensors, and there are no “blind” zones. Disadvantage-the device works only while the car is moving. That is, if you stopped, and the problem is very close, you will receive information about it only when you move on. It is late.

2. By the place of installation and the number of sensors

On one bumper  -front or rear is selected, depending on where problems occur more often. 

 Front and back at the same time  -the most complete control of the situation. It turns out that you can use up to eight remote control parking lock . The more there are the less “blind” zones.

  1. By data output

Sound notification  -the systems are relatively inexpensive, but it can be difficult to perceive the signal: you can simply not hear it.

Scale  screen-a small screen on which the zones where the obstacle is located are symbolically indicated. It does not interfere with the driver when the car is moving.

Remote control parking lock Selection Tips

The main parameters to consider when choosing a parking sensor:

Accuracy:  Why do you need inaccurate radar, if you can determine the distance visually as well as it;

Sensitivity and number of sensors:  The system should work without errors-you are not buying a toy;

Ease of installation:  Depends both on the remote control parking lock  itself (the number of sensors, the presence of wires), and on the car model. However, if you want to entrust the installation of the parking sensors to the specialists of our car service, then this will cease to be your concern and will only affect the duration of the work;

Minimum and maximum  obstacle detection distance: You need to know about problems in advance and, moreover, do not lose sight of them when they are very close;

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