7 Best Methods to Improve Parking Spot Lock Issues in 2021


Parking Spot Lock

 Check out the 7 improved parking methods and detach from your computer space. Even if everyone knows and finds fixed computers, “Desktop”, the only option for controlling and managing parking parking spot lock is the best option for you.

After all, it is the union of a portable mini thermal printer, system and card machine in a single piece of equipment.

Best parking spot lock equipment

We came to show you the best equipment options, even more when all the options are integrated with Jump Park, which is one of the best systems in the parking market.

Although we are not responsible for the equipment, we know that integration with good equipment makes the management experience very practical and secure.

Therefore, check below the main benefits that each of the 7 POS parking machines bring to your business.

Advantages of parking spot lock for your parking

At the same time, they are very recent technologies that are still little known. The POS or POS for parking came to facilitate the operation for both managers and customers. 

Before detailing each of the 7 best parking spot lock , check below the advantages of this equipment for your parking. 


While it is still very common to think of a computer, dot matrix printer and infrared reader when opening a parking spot lock, we can spend up to 80% less on POS in the operation.

Agility in service

In order to meet an increasingly demanding demand, today’s rule is quality with agility. Therefore, when it comes to parking spot lock , the quality of service increases. 

Therefore, when operating with POS, you anticipate the customer and can still work with more than one operator.

Operational security of parking spot lock

Reporting errors are very common when operating with various equipment. This change can occur between the time of typing on the operating machine and the card machine. 

Complete manual with tips on how to build a successful parking spot lock

These are 10 very good tips to build a successful parking spot lock and start your business off on the right foot. 

However, when setting up a parking spot lock, it is necessary to pay attention to small details that make all the difference.

Even more that there is information to be successful in your business. So, let’s detail all the super tips on how to build a successful parking spot lock.

Where to set up a parking spot lock?

Let’s start with the location, as it is a determining factor for the success of the project.

According to the experts:

 “Parking is a business dependent on other commercial activities. Make sure it is close to places with a large flow of people, such as banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, public transport terminals, airports, colleges and hospitals.”

According to a survey conducted in 2018,

“Inappropriate choice of location is responsible for 8% of the closure of companies before completing 4 years of operation and experts respond that the right choice is responsible for up to 25% of the success of the business.”

We list the main points to be considered when choosing the location:

Parking Spot Lock 2021

  1. If the rent price is too high, it can compromise the profit margin and, sometimes, it is necessary to be prepared for negotiations.
  2. The compatibility between the local public and the standard of service to be provided, thus being higher income, higher price and lower income, lower price.

Location Tips for parking spot lock

Let’s list some establishments that indicate a good parking spot lock  location.

  1. hospitals
  2. clinics
  3. road
  4. Subway (Last Stations)
  5. mall
  6. gastronomic centers
  7. Airport
  8. Bank agencies
  9. Higher education institutions (University)

Therefore, the commercial point must come on streets with a large flow of people and not just vehicles.

In addition, it has to take into account the competition of parking spot locks, the value of the land rent and due to acquisition by the public.

Labor to manage parking spot lock

It is an extremely important factor, as it influences the perception of service quality by customers.

Charisma, knowledge in handling operating systems and discipline are crucial factors in delivering good customer service. 

As well as honesty, so review the track record before hiring.

The amount of labor and their respective functions depend on the size of the operation and the availability of the service.

Service availability

At first, we will list the approximate number of employees according to the availability of the operation. When working during business hours without weekends, only one operator is important.

But if it is business hours and weekends, at least 2 operators are important. 

Size of operation

However, new technologies allow maintaining operator even high volumes of turnover.

The operation has a large space size with a large vehicle volume, something around 200 vehicles per day. 

  1. At least two operators will be needed to maintain a good quality of service.
  2. Both operators can use mobile service technologies such as POS to move wherever the flow is greatest. 
  3. Because at times of peak entry, they serve at the entrance and, on the contrary, at the customer’s exit.

How many people can operate parking spot lock?

This text will be too long if it explains the number of people according to the type of operations, as there is a variety of operations. 

For example, an event might require more than 5 people to valet and 5 more cashiers to receive payments. But, you can charge at the entrance and not have to have cash at the exit.

So, each case is different, it is necessary to study the parking spot  operation to understand its specific needs and, as it changes, new operational strategies will be rethought.


Certainly, it is a very important topic.

Transparency is informing the customer with a spot lock of emphasis on how the service is provided.

General notices

Include legible notices of opening hours and price list. 

If you want to make parking spot lock  more explicit, exemplify the value of the service when reaching a certain period of time.

Also, say what happens if the car leaves in the parking spot lock after office hours?

Include the notice in the vehicle entrance ticket and at least 2 signs scattered on the main accesses such as pedestrian exit and payment box.

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