Kinouwell KW-P-868 Remote Parking Lock

Parking lock is a device placed on the parking space to prevent the parking space from unauthorized occupying. They are suitable for both commercial and private use.


  • Pressure resistance
  • Long-distance remote control
  • Alarm function
  • Anti-collision
  • Waterproof
  • Large capacity battery
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Introduction to Remote Parking Lock

A remote parking lock is a device that we place on the parking space to prevent the parking space from unauthorized occupying. It is possible to control these devices manually,  via remote control or an application. When the parking lock barrier is controlled rising, it can block other cars parking on your parking space. When it is controlled down, you can park in your parking space. Suitable for commercial and private use.



  • Pressure resistance

It uses strong steel for manufacturing purposes. It has the ability to bear a pressure of 5 tons and without damage.

  • Anti-collision

It has a flexible design and self-protection function. It can rotate back and forth to protect itself from external collision and gives alarm at the same time.

  • Waterproof

The parking lock has an ingress protection rate of IP66, which can ensure normal working in rainy weather.

  • Alarm function

The parking lock will give an alarm when there is external force hitting the armor there isn’t enough battery.

  • Long-distance remote control

The parking lock can be controlled remotely and the effective distance is 10-30m. It’s more convenient for drivers to operate when parking in or out.

  • Large capacity battery

Parking lock default comes with a lead-acid battery. The battery is rechargeable. One-time charge can work for 4-5 months. (Dry battery & lithium battery is available if requested.)

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Material Steel
Power supply 6V7AH
Quiescent current 3.5mA
Working current 3.5A
Running time for up/down 3-5S
Height of rising up 420mm
Height of lying down 75mm
Remote control distance 10-30m
Battery Lead-acid battery (Dry battery & lithium battery available if requested)
Pressure resistance 5tons
Working temperature -20℃~ +70℃
Size 460 x 320 x 75mm
Net weight 8KGS
Gross weight 9KGS
Packing 510 x 500 x 150mm