What are Remote No Parking Barriers?

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Remote No Parking Barriers

Below are the main features of Remote No Parking Barriers. 

  • You place the No Parking Barriers is a device on the parking space to prevent the parking space from unauthorized occupying.
  • Moreover, you can control by manual, remote control, and application.
  • The parking lock barrier with controlled rising allows blocking other cars parking in your parking space.
  • When it automatically comes down, you can park in your parking space. Suitable for commercial and private use.

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Item Remote control parking lock
Material of cover A356 aluminum alloy
Material of barrier Nylon
Battery Lead-acid battery
Battery voltage DC12V/7A
Ascending height 340mm
Descending height 82mm
Remote control distance 20m
Operating speed 4S
Max weight resistance 5tons
Environment temperature -30℃~+75℃
Ingress protection IP67
Weight 8.5KGS
Packing size 410mm*420mm*150mm
Other features Remote control, anti-collision, anti-pressure, waterproof