How much does ev charger cost to charge an electric car?


In the blink of an eye, electric cars began to be part of our reality. If at first it seemed a distant future, today we can see from the number of car brands betting on this solution, that electric cars are not the future, they are our present. Due to increase number of these cars, ev charger also became part of the cars.

ev charger

What are electric cars and why ev charger is used?

It’s quite simple, we consider electric cars to be all those that depend 100% on electricity, without other combustion engines – in other words, they use electricity and not gasoline or other fossil fuels.

It is possible to say that the big difference between an electric car and a traditional car is that the first does not produce CO2 emissions while driving – gases that contribute to global warming, a theme that continues to mark the present day and that we must take into account when making choices.

Furthermore, the owners of these cars need ev charger for the charging of these electric cars at home or at any station.

What are hybrid cars?

In addition to these, there are also cars with mixed technologies, better known as hybrids (with or without plug-in). Even compared to these, electric cars are considered to be the greenest solution on the market because the polluting impact is almost nil.

What is the range of an electric car?

With the current generation of electric vehicles around 320km of range in a single charge by using ev charger, the so-called range anxiety is one less factor to consider. Still, you should make sure that the scope of the model in question is at least sufficient for your daily commuting and weekend activities.

It’s worth overestimating your needs in relation to the estimated range of an EV as the range varies depending on the type of driving and road.

It ends up spending more autonomy on the highway than in cities. You also have to know that the range varies depending on cold weather, use of heating, AC, etc.

How to choose between an electric car and a conventional one?

Each case is different and, first of all, it is important to understand what your daily life is – compare the differences in using an electric car or a conventional car in your routine.

Moreover, keep in mind that ev charger is suitable for you or not according to your routine and environment.

The routes that trace your days or the time you take on your routine trips can mark this decision. You should then consider how much you would save on fuel, the reduction in CO2 emissions, the number of loads you would have to do per day (or per week), among other factors.

What Can It Cost vs. What Can I Save with an Electric Car?

According to the observations, an electric car can spend 11% to 72% less per year on fuel, compared to a conventional car – if it travels 16 000 kms, you can save between €160 and €1025.

The cost variation depends on where you supply the electric car with ev charger. While at home you can pay around €0.15 per kWh at certain times, at a Rapid Charging Station it can reach €0.45 per kWh.

However, we must remember that to this savings we must also add maintenance costs, which are variable and also dependent on its use.

Benefits and savings of having an electric car

This one will love to hear: in some Normal Charging Stations (PCN), you can have energy for free. Another benefit to take into account is the free parking applicable in some municipalities. The exemption from IUC and ISV taxes, as well as the deduction of VAT and the exemption from autonomous taxation are in the case of popular companies.

What is the autonomy of batteries in electric cars that use ev charger?

When talking about electric cars this question is inherent to consider ev charger!

 It, let’s be honest, is more than enough for everyday life.  It’s for those people who work at a fixed location.

Where can I find charging stations and ev charger?

One of the great advantages of electric cars is that they can be charged by ev charger at various locations, in addition to conventional fueling points. It is possible to charge at service stations that have this service, or also at charging stations in the public electric mobility network.

Furthermore, you can still find these stations in car parks, shopping centers, hotels or airports. Another option is to charge your electric car at home. But not all charging stations are the same. Let’s see some of the differences between these options:

The main advantages of ev charger

There are many advantages of these cars of which some are given here.

High Engine Efficiency

Electric vehicles are far more efficient than any gasoline car. Since they use between 0.1 to 0.23 kw/h per kilometer, while the average consumption of a gasoline vehicle is 0.98 kw/h per kilometer.
ev charger 2021

Lower Usage Costs

Electric cars have much lower costs. In fact, the cost of electricity consumed by an electric car which is charged by ev charger corresponds to about a third of the value of the cost of fuel.

Lower Maintenance costs

Since an electric car does not require the usual oil changes and requires fewer overhauls, maintenance costs are much lower.


– This is one of the main advantages of electric cars vs.  gasoline cars . Electric vehicles are the only 100% Zero-Emissions solution in terms of noise, greenhouse gases and pollutants.

ev charger Easy for Drivers

The experience of driving an electric car is very pleasant and practical, since, as they are automatic, there are no concerns with the clutch or the gearbox.

The performances of electric vehicles are guaranteed by the fact that the torque of the engines is constant. Moreover these are easy to charge using ev charger.

Facility of Regenerative braking

The engine of electric cars has the possibility of functioning as a generator that produces energy good to recharge the batteries. That is, the engine works in a circular way, in which the vehicle itself generates energy for itself.

Why electric cars get support of ev charger?

Thanks to the environmental advantages they offer, electric vehicles have support of ev charger.

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