Best Parking Payment Machine for Sale – A Buyer’s Guide


A Buyer’s Guide

One of the main concerns for every company or business is how to appropriately manage visitors’ vehicles in parking lots. Improper parking lot management doesn’t only disturb motorist, but also impact the company’s image in a bad manner. Fortunately, the emergence of automatic parking lot machine technology has simplified and expedited the parking process. Therefore, you can look for the best parking payment machine for sale to install it in your parking lot. Doing so would help you manage vehicles in the parking lot in an effortless, yet professional manner.

parking payment machine for sale

There are many advantages of using automatic or unattended parking lot machines. Today, we will share some tips on buying the best parking payment machines. We will discuss where, why, and how you should get these machines.

Parking Payment Machine for Sale: Online Vs. In-Store

When looking for a parking payment machine for sale you will have a couple of choices to search your machine. You can use the conventional method of visiting the local electronics market to get the machine. However, searching for these machines in-store can be sometimes a daunting task. These machines are not very common and you cannot find them easily in the local electronics market. Even if you do, most probably you will have to cover a long distance to get to the market. Moreover, the selection of parking payment machines in the local market would also be limited.

The best way to look for a parking payment machine is to search online. You can find almost any brand online, selling different types of parking payment machines. Also, searching online is the most convenient and time-efficient method. The primary advantage of looking for these machines online is that you can compare the features and prices of different machines. It is a luxury that isn’t available while searching for the machines in the local market.

When looking for a parking payment machine for sale, look for the following key features and components:

  • Parking management software
  • Statistical reporting
  • PGS (parking guidance system)
  • Security analysis
  • Automatic ticketing system
  • Real-time vehicle monitoring
  • ANPR (automatic number plate recognition

You can install automatic gate systems at the entrance, such as arm barriers, blockers, and bollards according to your choice. Moreover, the parking machine you buy must be from a reputed brand and offers all essential features for convenience and security.

Top Parking Payment Machines to Buy

Automated parking payment machines are cutting-edge parking management technology for the convenience of motorists and companies. Therefore, you must look for the best machines with top features and the best quality. Here are the most reliable automated parking payment machines that you can install in your parking lots.

1. KinouWell On-Street Parking Payment Machine

It is an automatic machine for collecting parking money without wasting any time of the vehicle owner. This machine is best for on-street parking areas where you need to follow the municipality rules for parking. It also provides a smart parking solution by providing automatic parking management. Here are the characteristics of this parking machine.

  • Solar power supply
  • Anti-theft
  • Advanced IP security design
  • Keyless door opening
  • Parking tariff
  • Remote communication
  • Wireless 4G communication
  • LCD display

This parking payment machine comes with a coin receiver, coin return, numeric keypad, card reading, horns, and cabinet key features. If you are searching for a highly durable parking payment machine for sale, then this machine can be the right choice.

2. RFID Car Parking Lot System

The RFID Car Parking Lot System is another reliable automatic car parking solution. It combines computerized vehicle detection, video surveillance, image processing & identification, and automatic control technology. In addition, there is an LED display on the machine that shows information, such as charging, surplus parking area, setting, and status. This machine is available in different colors, so you can get one according to the environment of your parking lot. Take a look at the following features and specifications of this machine.

  • Built-in control panel and card reader
  • Cooling motor fan
  • Infrared Photocell (anti-bumping function)
  • Internal and external vehicle loop detection
  • Silent and quick speed operation

You can install this machine to manage and control parking in parking lots, underground parking areas, highway stations, and gyms, etc. If there is an electric failure, you can also operate this machine manually.

3. KinouWell Parking Lot Payment Kiosk

KinouWell Parking Lot Payment Kiosk is a high-tech automatic parking kiosk that you can install in your parking lots. It is a highly durable and reliable parking payment machine that automatically collects parking charges when the vehicle enters and exits in the parking lot. It is also one of the reliable automatic parking solutions for those who are searching for a dependable parking payment machine for sale. Here are the key features of this automatic parking payment machine.

  • Automatic ticket collection
  • Receipt and change
  • Configuration control
  • Intercom and security components
  • Screen display
  • Ticket scanner
  • Card reader

Installing this unattended parking lot payment machine would help you manage the parking lot easily and professionally.

There are hundreds of automatic parking payment machines available in the market. However, you need to make sure that the machine you buy offers all the features you need. The parking payment machines we discussed in this article are durable and dependable. You can choose any of these to install in your parking lot.

parking payment machine for sale


Automatic parking lot payment machines have become a necessity for every indoor and outdoor parking lot. These machines are making parking management fast, reliable, and secure than conventional parking methods. In addition, the installation of these machines also improves your company’s brand image. One thing that you must not compromise when looking for the parking payment machine for sale is the machine quality.

However, bear in mind that you should not invest in a cheap price parking payment machine. Machines available at low rates are usually low-quality machines with limited features and low build quality. These machines are going to repay in the long run, so you must invest in a high-quality machine.

So, for more information about the best automated parking payment solutions, you can get in touch with us. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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