What is wholesale parking lot sensor price in 2021?


parking lot sensor
Everything you need to know about parking lot sensor price

parking lot sensor price Technological advances have done a lot of good for the automotive industry, allowing cars to be equipped with accessories that make the driver’s life easier.

Luxury vehicles, for obvious reasons, were the first to gain more sophisticated devices. but in recent years the benefits have been extended to other categories.

This is what has happened with parking lot sensor price or reverse sensors. The item leaves the factory only in top-of-the-line models, but today there are good options in stores specializing in automotive accessories.

The car parking sensor price starts from $50. Moreover, it varies according to the company and its functions.

Advantages of parking lot sensor price

The advantages of investing in such equipment are obvious. after all, even the most skillful drivers can have difficulties when it comes to setting the mark. In large cities, then, parking can be difficult, due to the reduced spaces. whether on the streets or even in residential and commercial garages.

And it’s worth remembering that parking sensors aren’t just for maneuvering. They are an important parking lot sensor price as they prevent collisions with other vehicles and obstacles.

What is the average price of a sensor?

You will be able to find a simple parking sensor costing between $50 and $200. The product’s function and durability are definitely worth the price.

How do choose the best parking sensor models?

Consumers interested in equipping their car with this type of parking lot sensor price will find several models in specialized stores. With significant variations in terms of prices, it is good to buy a reliable sensor.

Among the most common models in the USA market, equipment based on sound signals stands out. When the car approaches an obstacle, the driver gets a warning through beeps. This becomes more intense as the object approaches.

 In addition to the audio, the parking sensor has a display, installed on the car’s dashboard. The driver can check the distance and direction of the nearest obstacles.

Characteristic of parking lot sensor price

In more sophisticated models, what changes is that, in addition to the audible warning, the driver will be able to see the obstacle. They cost a little more, but the benefit is great since it has the aid of a video camera.

Pay attention when comparing the products available on the market, evaluating their features. Is there a connection for cameras? How many parking lot sensor price points are offered? Manufacturers offer systems with either 4 points (installed at the rear) or 8 points (which means having sensors also at the front of the car).

Learn how parking sensors work

The sensors found in the Brazilian market are electromagnetic or ultrasonography. The former is generally more common in SUVs and SUVs. For installation, it is necessary to remove the bumper to apply the electromagnetic tape on the base of the vehicle.


its use is prohibited for cars with metal bumpers, as there may be interference in the emission of signals.

How does an Ultrasound sensor work?

The ultrasound sensor, in turn, works through auditory signals that are imperceptible to humans but captured by devices installed in the car.

A common question among consumers interested in sensors of this type is about the activation of the system. It’s nothing too difficult. Many models come by shifting into reverse.

And for those who want even more ease, it’s worth thinking about the purchase of reverse cameras. also, It is an additional feature for the parking lot sensor price. The equipment projects the image of the rear blind spot on the internal rearview mirror on an LCD screen and also has a siren to alert an obstacle.

parking lot sensor 2021

Is it worth buying a parking sensor?

Technology is increasingly present in the automobile industry. Over time, many accessories have become essential and are now considered mandatory items by some drivers.

One of these items is the parking sensor, an essential device for those who find it difficult to make a mark or want to park more accurately. The parking lot sensor price has so conquered drivers that now most vehicles leave the factory with this accessory.

If you want to know if it’s worth it to buy a parking sensor for your car, we have the answer! Read on and understand:

How does the parking lot sensor price work?

The parking lot sensor price is an automotive accessory that makes life easier for any driver. It identifies when an object or person is obstructing the vehicle’s passage, breaking the biggest branch when you need to make a mark, park in a garage or back safely.

However, this accessory works through ultrasound, a technology that emits sound waves not captured by the human ear. When the sound hits something, the wave returns and the device calculates the distance to the car based on that return time.

You are then informed via the sensor’s audible signal, which beeps when there are objects nearby. Moreover, the display installed in the car, the distance scale between the bumper and the object is shown. Parking sensors can be installed on the front or rear of the car.

What are the advantages of the sensor?

The biggest advantage is to avoid accidents. By identifying fixed and moving surfaces, it prevents small, distracting collisions. The sensor can also protect you from more serious accidents. such as people passing behind the vehicle and small children or animals that are out of sight.

With the sensor, visits to body shops and paintings will be less frequent. The possibility of you touching or scratching your car in parking lots or maneuvers is practically zero.

What are the disadvantages?

An obvious downside is a noise. The closer to the object, the shorter the interval between whistles. This might be a little uncomfortable.

Thinking about this problem, some models bring the possibility of turning off the sound warning and leaving only the display that indicates the distance working.

Another disadvantage will appear in case of accidents. If you hit the back of the car, the sensor may no longer work properly. In other words, in addition to repairing the bumper, you will need to buy another device.


It is also possible to find sensors with greater technology, such as reverse cameras. The more equipped, the more expensive the accessory will cost.

With our information, you will be able to decide if it is worth buying a parking sensor for your car or not. Assess your needs, the advantages that this technology offers, and find the price in stores closest to you.

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