How to manage parking space lock barrier cost for better profits?


Parking barrier: How to choose the best one?

parking space lock barrier

Parking space lock barrier allows you to deliver important technical resources for the operational and administrative management of parking and valet companies. However, the choice of supplier has to be made very carefully.

Finding an ideal parking barrier is very relevant when it comes to solving operational and management problems and running a healthy business.

There are several Methods for Parking Management

The experts listed several reasons of a bankrupt business. Two of the main reasons for failure are: Do not invest in innovation and not keep up with the finances.

A good parking or valet management barrier helps both in technological resources and in detailed financial monitoring.

Therefore, we detail the main factors that can be considered for your parking or valet.

Choose parking space lock barrier service

For decades, and still today, many parking space lock barrier were sold on internet.

However, this way of contracting barriers has more disadvantages than advantages compared to the barrier-as-a-service contracting model.

The so-called “barrier as a service” understands that the company frequently assists the customer with maintenance, new features, training and support.

So you need stability and a provider that doesn’t go away or do a meager job.

What happens when I buy parking space lock barrier?

For both the company and the customer, there are consequences for preferring this model of buying or selling the barrier as a product.

What is the consequence for the company?

The dependence on a constant sale of the product, in this case parking space lock barrier overloads the sales team. And the company depends on constant sales to cover internal costs that are monthly, different from sales that are occasional.

For example, in a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic, many parking lots stopped buying barriers, so those who depended on the sale had their business severely damaged.

When a technology company finds itself without revenue, it can lose its main employees. It is for both from the technical part as the developers and from the support.

What is the consequence for the parking space lock barrier customer?

When you have that urgent care, it can be frustrating to wait as long or even pay for support. Although there are updates, they will not be very common and you will have to pay for the new version.

  • Stability of the company that rents the parking barrier
  • What is the consequence for the company?

When hiring parking space lock barrier, it is more financially stable. For example, in the Covid-19 crisis, this company lost many customers, but the ones that remained continued to pay for the service.

Another point is that this company’s costs are monthly and recurring, such as renting servers in the cloud. So, it makes perfect sense for her remuneration to be recurring to cover these expenses and if you don’t charge your client, you’re neglecting to manage your own expenses.

A good Customer Support is important


When you hire a company that charges a monthly fee, you are demanding barrier stability and ongoing, available service.

Another important question is whether a company has cloud technology in its barrier and provides it to its customers.

It is contracting for this storage service which is paid for on a recurring basis and the value increases as demand grows.

Attentive and available support

Good support will make the user experience more pleasant.  It takes time to adapt to the barrier and not always everything on the barrier is intuitive.

While attentive support is important, availability and accessibility are important.

So, prefer parking space lock barrier service through Whatsapp or even in chats on the website itself, because not only do you have access to the service, but all those responsible for the parking lot.

The cheapest parking space lock barrier is not always the best option

It is very tempting to spend little money for a parking barrier, but this impulsiveness to look only at the price and not the benefits can be elusive when it comes to the real gain.

parking space lock barrier 2021

The reasoning is very simple. If the value is too cheap, your supplier needs more amounts to reinvest in the company.

Besides, that if a barrier costs $30 monthly and another costs $60.00 monthly, it brings you many more benefits. First thing you have to calculate is, “How much does my time cost?”

Is it worth saving 30 usd a month and wasting 4 hours a month doing calculations and reports that the other barrier could do for you?

It may even serve you, but in the long run, it may not bring you as many benefits as other providers.

Barrier that organizes the financial activity

A parking barrier that offers complete financial management rather than just operational reporting can save your business.

Without the correct information, the manager cannot predict situations, so problems appear by surprise.

In an economic crisis, good financial management will tell you where to reduce costs and how long this cost reduction will give you survival.

Don’t just look at the billing if a business is not just about cash input. To keep a business running it is necessary to control parking space lock barrier expenses very well.

Updating and constant maintenance of parking space lock barrier

Buying a parking barrier in a product format, which does not change according to market demands, compromises the quality of your parking service.

Every parking barrier needs to be constantly changing so that its customers can adapt to an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

Parking lots have a very common myth that they don’t need investment in the management barrier and services. However, when investing in a good parking barrier, the business itself becomes more profitable even when earning the same income, but the effort is less.

Parking barrier with Electronic Invoice Management

It is a process that nobody likes, but it is a reality and there is no way to escape. Every business, including parking lots, must issue an invoice.

However, just as you manage billing and expense reports, managing invoices is no different.


Even more when it comes to large volume, due to parking turnover. Therefore, look for barriers that help in issuing invoices.

Parking space lock barrier helps to reduce future risks with the traffic.  In fact, it is very common that when the average ticket is high, they demand the invoice because they think the value is abusive.

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