Parking lot sensor system Installation Instructions for Beginners


Parking lot sensor system
The Parking lot sensor system is a technology accessory equipped on the vehicle to assist in driving and reversing safely. This is an indispensable part of the car

What is a reverse sensor in a car?

Is a device mounted at the rear of the vehicle that has the function of emitting a warning signal to help the driver avoid a collision when reversing? minimizing dangerous situations for car occupants as well as road users around.

Any car has blind corners that the driver can’t see even though it comes with 3 rearview mirrors. Because the driver cannot see the final corners of the car.

However, many people have chosen to install a reverse Parking lot sensor system or a CCTV camera at the rear of the car. 

The captured images will be displayed on the screen located on the dashboard. Therefore, the driver does not need to look at the rearview mirror or try to observe the directions. You need to look at the screen to be able to cover and steer the most accurate.

 Outstanding features of 4-eye car reverse sensor

The reverse Parking lot sensor system also supports warning of possible collisions when reversing, turning, or stopping with an audio signal.

In addition, the reverse sensor is integrated with 2 or 4 ultrasonic sensors. the car owner can choose the right type for his car.

 The Parking lot sensor system will be activated automatically when the driver enters reverse gear. timely detect obstacles behind and sends a warning signal to the driver using ultra-standard ultrasonic technology. Especially when installing, it is possible to set the alarm trigger zone from 1 to 5.5 feet

 Uses of reverse sensors for cars

  • Overcoming blind spots and corners that the driver can’t see when sitting in the car. Reduce unnecessary collisions when reversing or turning.
  • Timely warning of obstacles and obstacles so that the driver can promptly handle and avoid accidents when traveling on bad roads. 
  • Passing cars is easier, avoiding collisions in congested roads

Specifications of car reverse sensor device

There are 4 infrared sensor eyes

  • Clock Parking lot sensor system: 96*27*20mm
  • Display distance from 0 – 2.5mm
  • Use voltage: 12V
  • Moreover, the operating voltage range 9-16V
  • Ultrasonic Frequency 40KHz
  • Operating Temperature -30 ~+700C
  • Built-in chime 

Working principle of car reverse sensor device

The reverse Parking lot sensor system automatically activates when the vehicle is in reverse mode. In case it comes in the front of the car. it will be a forward sensor, depending on the technical power supply connection method.

The reversing sensor works based on the recognition of infrared sensor eye parts.

If an obstacle is there, the sensor meter will display the number and color LED bar. Also, determine the position of the obstacle located to the right or left and the distance.

Notification and Alarm

Not only displayed on the screen, but the reverse sensor also emits a notification signal such as a ‘beep’ sound to warn the driver to pay attention. Determine the closer the distance to the obstacle, the louder and faster the sound. 

Parking lot sensor system 2021

Durable operation in all conditions day and night, rain or shine

The reverse sensor products are designed to be durable, wet-proof. and impact-resistant. The device is also resistant to radio waves.

Installation instructions for reversing sensors and collision warning products

  • Use a drill with a diameter of D22 to drill 4 small holes in the rear of the car
  • Connect the sensor to the control box system, from here to the display screen
  • Connect the power from the control box to the car’s reverse lights

Full set of the 4-eye reverse sensor for cars

1 The 4-eye reversing sensor on the car will include the following components: 

  • 1 display placed on car dashboard
  • 4 sensor eyes
  • 1 signal processor
  • 1 drill bit

Even if the driver has many years of driving experience, backing up must be done as safely as possible. Based on the current traffic conditions in Vietnam.

 it is difficult to avoid collisions and accidents that occur when the driver is reversing or parking. Therefore, it is very important to equip or choose a vehicle with a reverse Parking lot sensor system and collision warning. 

 Reverse camera and reverse sensor

First-time car buyers often choose low-priced cars, but these cars are often less equipped with a reversing camera. Or even a reverse Parking lot sensor system.

Meanwhile, the benefits they bring to the driver are extremely large. especially those who are new to driving, the driver is still weak.

How to work Parking lot sensor system and Cameras?

When moving into densely populated areas, the rearview mirror system will not be able to provide good visibility for the driver in blind spots and dead corners.

At this time, the presence of a reversing camera will help capture all the images in hidden corners. And the transmit them to the screen on the dashboard to help the driver Parking lot sensor system and turn the car safely.

Save Costs by installing a Parking lot sensor system

For cars without a central screen, you can only add a reverse sensor to save money. A reverse sensor behind the rear of the vehicle can give you detailed audible warnings when it detects an obstacle within the setting range.

The closer the vehicle gets to the obstacle, the louder the sound will be. As a result, the driver can determine a safe backing distance.

Models and Market Price of Parking lot sensor system

Currently, reverse cameras are also being sold in the market with many different models and prices. However, basically, to support reversing the car.

 there is no need for a very high-end camera. Meanwhile, the Parking lot sensor system sensor is much cheaper.


Long-distance travel, especially when entering the highway, will not give us the option to “correct the mistake”. If you are unfortunate enough to have a puncture or blow out a tire, you will not be able to turn around for a long distance.

will you be able to approach a repair garage? At this point, you will have to wait for the rescue, or the repairman on the spot, which is both time-consuming and expensive.


To avoid this undesirable situation, you only need to attach a small device to the tire. This Parking lot sensor system can measure and display the temperature and pressure status of the tires, helping the driver to detect which tires have abnormal pressure drops so that they can quickly replace them, ensuring safety for yourself.

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