Should you buy Parking space occupancy sensor? Facts & Opinion


Parking automation: fundamental equipment

Parking space occupancy sensor

Parking space occupancy sensor  is increasingly important to make these spaces smart, functional and intuitive. For that, the manager needs to install a series of equipment that allow the driver’s autonomy on site.

These devices control the flow, payment and even parking management. See more details about each of them.

1. Automatic space occupancy sensor

It may seem obvious that a gate opens as the vehicle approaches. But this is an operation that eliminates human labor. This can be better common in other functions. 

  1. Control totem 

These are the machines that issue the parking ticket at the entrance and release the vehicle at the exit. With sensors, the tendency is for the default to be automatic emission with the arrival of the vehicle, which also opens the gate.

Parking space occupancy sensor  is essential as they integrate with the management software and the payment system. Its operation is simplified and intuitive. Some may have an intercom so the driver can communicate with the yard staff if necessary.

Advantages of Parking Automation

The items above are essential equipment for parking automation. But there are many other technologies to improve the place, such as:

  • monitoring cameras
  • board readers
  • Vacancy Sensors
  • electronic panels

See the benefits of the Parking space occupancy sensor for your daily life!

Are you still afraid of parking near obstacles or vehicles on a road? Know that this shouldn’t be a shame. Even the most experienced drivers can file this complaint. 

That’s why Parking space occupancy sensor  technology can be the help you need to feel much more comfortable and safe while maneuvering. It can be placed either at the rear of the vehicle or at the front. In this sense, we have listed all the advantages of the parking sensor for your daily life in this article! Are you curious? Read on!

5 advantages of the parking sensor for your daily life!

1- Avoid bumps and scratches

The first highlight among the parking sensor advantages is related to the outside of your vehicle. Because of that, if you’re afraid to park near obstacles thinking about the scratches that can be seen on the paintwork if something goes out of control, the sensor can help you. 

Therefore, the use of the Parking space occupancy sensor  helps to reduce the risk of collisions and scratches during maneuvers. As a result, you tend to spend less on paint and bodywork maintenance.

2- Prevents the blind spot

The blind spot is a big enemy of drivers. This is a vision limit that cannot be reached by rearview mirrors.

Thus, when using the parking sensor in your daily life, you can obtain information about the spaces that you cannot see from inside the vehicle. Consequently, it reduces the risk of accidents, whether they are hit or run over.

4- Visualization of obstacles at night with Parking space occupancy sensor

Did you think the parking sensor only works while there is light? Some cameras offer night vision so that the driver can enjoy all the advantages of this equipment even at night. Thus, stopping spaces are respected and you, as a driver, can be much more relaxed during your maneuvers.

Options with and without camera

Finally, another point that we highlight among the advantages of the parking sensor is the possibility to choose between options with and without a camera. In this way, your parking difficulties can be reduced according to your needs.

Buy your Parking space occupancy sensor with Kinouwell Parking!

Did you like to know the benefits of the Parking space occupancy sensor ? We offer the parking sensor at the best price! You have the option of purchasing a sensor with a display or not.

 If you choose the model with display, we will install the equipment in the place you prefer! That is, not just on the windshield. It’s a great opportunity to end your problems!

For many drivers, taking the beacon is a real pain. The task is especially difficult given the narrow spaces in large urban centers and worse, combined with a tight schedule and the rush of modern life.

Therefore, among the most appreciated and necessary vehicle technologies nowadays is automatic parking.

Parking space occupancy sensor 2021

In addition to making life easier for the driver, it helps prevent small accidents and better organize parking spaces in urban centers.  

But what is automatic parking and how does this system work? That’s what we’ll see in this post.

What is automatic Parking space occupancy sensor?

Parking space occupancy sensor  is an electronic maneuvering system that calculates the space available in the parking space and controls steering wheel direction for proper parking.

Most systems common today are not fully automatic, but by guiding the driver’s actions, they make parking much more peaceful.

Are parking sensors necessary?

More and more cars are equipped with parking sensors as standard or optional equipment. That will be a useful feature, if you often have to park in tight spaces.

Some modern cars have limited visibility due to vehicle styling, so parking sensors help the driver know where the corners of the vehicle are. Besides, this is not an expensive piece of equipment to own.

Where we can use Parking space occupancy sensor?

Car magazine sites report that most new models come with parking sensors, from the Skoda Citigo to the Range Rover, while premium parking systems are also on the market.

What features is the parking sensor similar to?

Reverse sensor, reverse camera, automatic parking and parking assist.

  1. Similarities and differences between reverse camera and reverse sensor


+ All are warning devices to help the driver observe in the rear, especially the blind spots in the best way.

+ Helps to best limit collision situations as well as help you park more accurately and safely. 

+ Helps to observe the blind spots of cars and obstacles behind the vehicle, thereby helping the driver to back up more safely in narrow roads and alleys that the rearview mirror cannot see.

+Moreover, it helps reduce traffic collisions on busy roads.


Rear Camera  is a device providing an overview image and most detailed overview best used at the rear.

Reverse sensor  is a device that provides sound to help emit sound when reversing but encountering obstacles. 

3. So should you install Parking space occupancy sensor?

-Of course, if you have the conditions, the installation of Parking space occupancy sensor  will definitely support you both visual and audio to make driving safer than ever

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