The Best Ev Charger Manufacturers In 2022


  • Electric Vehicle technology, as we know it, has made huge achievements in the field of science and technology and is admired by the inhabitants of this planet. But, with the demand for this technology, comes to the development of a huge marketplace for electrical vehicle manufacturing, its supply, equipment, and also a competition for its advancements and modification over the passing time. So, the topic of the day is to discuss the EV Charger Manufacturers. These are the industries that are bringing a huge technological change in the way to make our lives innovative and easier with the use of technology. Before jumping straight into the topic, we need to learn the aspect of how the EV Charger works because we will only be able to debate about EV Charger Manufacturers in 2022after knowing the basics. You can acquire the basic idea also by learning about which are the best Ev Charger Manufacturers in 2021?
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  • Working Principle of EV Chargers:

EV chargers work on the same principle as device chargers. There are a few different aspects to talk about when understanding the detailed working procedure of these chargers. These include the operating system of EV Chargers, the relationship between electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations, and the relation between amps and kilowatts that determine the power usage and battery life of the vehicle. Distinctively, let’s cover all these aspects one by one.


  • Operating System of EV Chargers:

EV chargers are more commonly referred to as Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). These are intelligently designed equipment for electric vehicle charging, its maintenance, and calculating the power consumption and battery usage. It transfers the power from the electric grid or any power source into the cable and cord which then goes straight into EV plugs more preferred way of saying it is a connector that balances the understanding between the EV charger and the vehicle itself that how much power it requires to fully charge up the battery. The main function is to convert alternating current into a direct current regarding the flow of amperages supplied to the vehicle.


  • EV and EV Charging station:

This discussion is super common among EV users how to choose the best charging station for your car? In this case, it all depends upon the properties of your electric car and the power provider’s properties. Before buying an EV, you need to thoroughly study the specifications and battery properties of the car. It comes with car manuals that specify to which extent of battery and run time your vehicle is capable for. In this way, you can easily determine the best EV Charger Manufacturers or stations for you and also study which are the best car stations.


  • Volts, Amps, and Kilowatt Relation:

Volts are an electrical energy source that is being supplied from the station grid to an EV. It is also called an electrical pressure flowing through the cord and into the plug connector. Then, the plug connector determines how many voltages are required to fully charge the battery. It covers the AC voltages into amperages and that’s why we call the electric power accumulated by a vehicle in a form of amps. Kilowatt is a power count displayed on an EV charging station and it is used to measure how much battery in kilowatt-hours needs to be charged. Many vehicles use the system of amp-hours instead of kilowatt-hours because, in basic terminology, voltage and amps combination form the unit of power. Chargers are also used in the calculus of amps just like a 32 amp charger.

  • Basics regarding EV Charger Manufacturers:


  • Before getting into the discussion of the best, let’s learn the basic terminologies which will help to grasp the understanding of EV Charger Manufacturers’parts, and the system parts built to design the EV charger. There are three common manufacturing for electrical vehicles which include EV charging stations, EV chargers with a cord or cable, and EV charger adaptors and connectors. Each of these parts has its unique property in more than one feature so it’s necessary to discuss their properties one by one. They may differ in one or two aspects but the discussion is worth it.


  • EV Charging Station:

So, basic terminologies that everyone should know about regarding EV charging stations are:

  • Output power
  • Communication Protocol ( OCPP )
  • Ingress Protection ( IP )
  • Standard
  • Human Monitoring Interface ( HMI )
  • EV Chargers:

Terminologies in the learning aspect of EV chargers are:

  • Type of Charger ( AC or DC)
  • Cable Protection
  • Cord Length
  • Adjustment of Current ( In Amperes)
  • Temperature Protection
  • Compatibility with the EVs.


  • EV Charger Adaptor or Connector:

Terminologies regarding EV chargers adapter and connectors are:

  • Standard
  • Protection Degree ( IP )
  • Operated Current
  • Flame Retardant Grade
  • CE Certification


  • Three Explanation based EV Charger Manufacturer Terminologies:
  • Ingression Protocol:(IP)

Ingression protocol is determined or analyzed using two digits; the first digit represents the extent of particle protection and the other digit describes the extent of water protection. This protocol is commonly used in the manufacturing processes to ensure the quality extent of a product. For example, in IP54, 5 represents particle protection and 4 represents water protection.

  • Open Charge Point Protocol:  (OCPP)

Open charge point protocol is a commonly used application protocol that connects the electric vehicle charging stations to a central management system of a specified area where EVSE is applied. This establishes a relationship between vehicles and their main contact point in case of any momenta disclosure, machinery failure, or any other emergency.

  • Human Monitoring Interface:(HMI)

A human monitoring system is an artificial intelligence-based system found most commonly where machinery meets man. It connects humans with a machinery detecting system using fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, and other detecting methods. It is used for security reasons. 


  • Best EV Charger Manufacturers in 2022:

Now we have reached our topic of the day. Here we will be mentioning the best five EV Charger Manufacturer Industries with full details, qualitative analysis, and thorough comparison. I will point out my personal opinion at the end and explain why it is the best but for that, you guys have to read until the finale part. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.





Let’s get into a thorough discussion about these industries. I will be making sure that the comparison is justly elaborated.


  1. KINOUWELL TECHNOLOGIES:                                                     

Kinouwell ranks at the top of my research for best EV Charging Manufacturers all over the globe. It stands out to be the best engineering manufacturing facility all over the world and originated in China. With the modern research and development system, the company has made outstanding progress over the past few years for its products for electrical vehicles including AC EV Chargers, EV Portable chargers, EV AC Charging stations, DC Charging stations, and EV Charger Adaptors and Connectors. Equipped with modern infrastructure, the company has a name of its own for the quality, working, and reliability of its products. Let’s discuss the category of products in detail.                 


  • EV Chargers AC:

Kinouwell technology has made a great contribution in manufacturing these AC EV chargers that come with a portable design and are also for public use. Some common specs of this charger are; the current range from 8 amperes to 32 amperes adjustable, IP54-65, temperature protection of cable, and easily compatible with most electric vehicles.


  • EV Charging Manufacturers Stations:

As far as EV charging stations are concerned, these are the best products kinouwell technology has to offer. They are uniquely designed AC and DC EV Stations.  DC: These come with kilowatts ranging from 60 kW-120kw. These are remarkable high-powered stations. Some specs are; IP65, communication protocol OCPP 1.6J, and HMI 7 inches display. And for AC: AC charging stations are abundantly in use all over the region so they come up with unique infrastructure and a long range of kilowatt capabilities ranging from 7 kW- to 40 kW depending upon the amps. Other specs are; IP54, OCPP 1.6J, and HMI.


  • EV Charger Adaptors:

Adaptor and connector manufacturing is quite stylized in kinouwell. These adaptors offer perfect resistance of current up to 32 amps. They have specific plugs for two-phase and three-phase charging.


  1. ev- WALL BOX:

EV- Wall box is a second leading EV Charger Manufacturer all over the region and across the globe. They originated in China and are renowned as the best engineering department in the region. Modern technological equipment, and refined products with proper testing and adjustments. Leading industry in the safe manufacturing of safety protocols and inventory is more ominous than kinouwell. The products range from specifically designed properties to a wide range of specs. They have high batter connections, flexible charging cords, expandable and customizable. They have products ranging from EV charging cables, portable EV chargers, and home-based wall box chargers. They do not offer EV charging stations. Let’s discuss these products in detail.


  • Portable EV Chargers:

Wall box portable electric vehicle supply equipment is specifically designed for the home-based charging setup but they also come up with various public EVSEs which we will discuss in the next section. These portable chargers come with 120 volts to 240 volts ranging from 3.5 kW to 22kw. They come with a five-meter length but include a large built-in.  Some specs are; IP66, water protection, and dust protection.


  • EV Chargers:

Wall box residential EV chargers come up with a greater built-in specification as compared to portable EV chargers. Basic specifications are the same as portable chargers. The difference is they have both Type 1 and Type 2, water insulation, current ranging from 16-32 amperes, lightning protection, and short circuit protection.


  • EV Charging Cables:

Wall box has manufactured charging cables of all the aspects of specifications; they come up from 120 volts to 240 volts in Type-2, 16 amperes to 32 amperes, and kilowatt ranging from 7kw to 22kw. They have the modification of the latest adapters and connectors.


  1. TESLA:

Tesla is one of the most infamous and renowned industries probably known by a majority of the population. They have introduced a new and next-level innovation in the field of electric auto motives. With the design of different models year after year, they are sincerely the best manufacturers but in view, to the overall EV Charger Manufacturers because they have only introduced their fast-charging DC superchargers. They don’t manufacture the basic type-1 and type-2 connectors but their superchargers can be connected with the three-phase or two-phase adaptors. But their supercharging can be discussed in detail.


  • Supercharger: (Public)

Tesla comes up with the fastest high-powered DC superchargers consisting of up most 480 volts of power to deliver. As the supercharger stations are equipped with 280 kW, they are capable of charging the normal tesla model battery which is about 60 kWh, in a maximum of 15-20 minutes.


  • Tesla Wall Connectors:

Tesla wall connectors have introduced the EV Charger Manufacturer industry with a new look to ease the charging at home or in a residential place. Their installation is fast and flexible and they also save you electricity. They have AC volts of 240, a maximum current output of 48 amperes, and a power output of up to 11.5 kW. They have built-in cable equipment and are also built with HMI and WIFI technology. These home-based chargers are quite an innovation to the industry. You can also modify energy kitting’s and update the system through Wi-Fi connectors and many more amazing features.


  • Modern Exceptions in Tesla:

Besides superchargers, Tesla has introduced the type-2 AC Charging with CCS in the European region to facilitate their need for AC-based type-2 chargeable Tesla. But, modifications can always be made using suitable adaptors and plug connectors to meet a person’s needs of use.


  1. Charge Point:

Verily, charge point is one of the very first industries to emerge when EV technology took the rise. They are the very first to develop modern technology equipment to lead the future innovation of EV Charger Manufacturers to the next level. They have a resilient manufacturing process, one of the best testing and protection services, and have most charging points originating from North America. Charge point manufactures EV Chargers and EV charging stations. They have different sets of EVSE differing from one another based on EVSE for fleets, EVSE for business, and EV home flex for home-based use. So, we will discuss its manufacturing’s on this level.


  • EV Home Flex:

Charge point has introduced their EV home-based chargers as home flex points. These chargers are remarkably designed for the present as well as seeking the future use of electrical vehicles so that they can also be used in the innovative modern era. These come up with 240 volts of power, and adjustable current from 16 amperes to 50 amperes. Usually, EV nowadays takes 32 amp to charge fully but these chargers are specially built for flexible use.


  • EV Chargers for Business:

EV chargers for business are smart and the cheapest level 2 chargers available in the industry. They are for flexible and soft use in commercial areas. This charger is specially called CT4000. It is capable of providing enough power to run a whole commercial EV station just through AC charging.


  • EV Chargers for Fleet:

Charge point has also specifically designed EV chargers for high-power fleet stations to provide them with enough power. These are DC Chargers with 40 kW to 200 kW. They come up with overhead small stations, single cabled and dual cabled technology. The charge point is carrying the future of EVs forward.



Siemens is put at the last not because of any infrastructure deficiency comparable to others. It is because it offers a limited amount of products for public and home-based chargers or high-powered DC charging stations in the EV Charger Manufacturers industry. Siemens has revolutionized the world of electric transportation in its own digitalized way. However, Siemens has to offer AC EV chargers and DC electric charging stations at their very best. Let’s discuss these products


  • EV Chargers:

Siemens offer AC level-2 240 volts chargers with a simple and antique design. It is UL and CE certified with a charging speed of forty percent faster than most chargers. This charger can also be used as a wall box. It’s easy to install and use. It charges up to 32 amperes. It is one of the best chargers that come with a 20 feet cord to satisfy the customers’ needs.


  • EV Charging Station:

Their modern EV charging station is CHARGE-D. This station comes with a power reserve of 120 kW to 300 kW. It has a connection with DC cables thus providing DC charging. Even when charging more than one vehicle, the station divides up power to meet the battery need of both with the maintenance of optimal time.


  • MY PERSONAL OPINION about Best EV Charger Manufacturer:

                      (KINOUWELL TECHNOLOGIES)


Well, following the long path, we have reached the end of the story. After a thorough analysis and observation of top industries in EV Charger manufacturers all across the globe. Let’s justify that and make a conclusion.


  • Why Kinouwell Technology stands out to be the best:

There are best three reasons why kinouwell is the best compared to others and why to choose it in this era of vast competition and quality analysis. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.


  • ODM and OEM:

 Kinouwell Provides Original Design Manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturers. This is a key aspect feature that many best industries like Tesla and Charge point don’t provide. It allows customers to get a product manufactured by their own very choice and to choose from the vast variety of pre-built designs. It is provided for the utmost satisfaction of customers. Kinouwell’s latest EV fast charger comes up with these manufacturer capabilities.


  • High-Security Levels:

 Kinouwell provides high-security patches for its products including EV chargers and EV charging stations. These security features include; residual current protection, ground protection with access to high thermal insulators, over-current protection, over and under-voltage protection, over and under-frequent frequency current protection, and high thermal temperature protection. Some of the best features regarding security that make kinouwell truly stand out are; SOC over charge protection (state of charge). It is an intelligently designed system for the online and offline monitoring of current conditions. And the second feature that makes kinouwell truly stand out is its BMS data abnormal diagnosis which is found very rare in EV Charger Manufacturers. This function can prevent high-level thermal hardware failures and firmware bugs in the system.


  • Best Identification and Remotely Demonstration Technology:

Besides EV supply equipment, kinouwell technology is also renowned and infamous for its smart parking technology with involves smart, innovative, and modified LoRa technology which is a wireless technology used to remotely park vehicles across various electric parking stations. This remotely controlling technology is why kinouwell also stands out as the best in EV Charging Manufacturer industry. Kinouwell being equipped with this technology offers remote demonstration to ensure the best product quality to satisfy customers. This is one of the best key features of a kind well compared to other industries indeed. Besides this, they have Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) which is in use for the identification processes, payment processes, and much more functions to ensure the best security maintenance system.


  • Final Conclusion:

At last, I would like to say that these EV Charger Manufacturers’ Industry is revolutionizing the earth’s technology and innovating it for the better new. We all should need to learn the basic concepts of emerging technology and as far as the EV industry is concerned, you need to have a basic understanding of every aspect. So, here is my article for you, Regards.

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